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GPLIGC is a software package for glider* pilots. IGC flight data files can be analysed and visualised.
The package contains two components:
*and all others who want to view GPS track logs (para-glider pilots, hang-glider pilots and even pilots of radio-controlled (sail)planes. See here) GPLIGC can be used on Linux/Unix and Windows.
The software can be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License. (GPL)
GPS tracklogs using the IGC format can be obtained in many ways: (1) use an IGC flight data recorder, (2) use any logging GPS device and convert the track to the IGC format (e.q. using gspbabel), (3) some garmin devices can be used with gpspoint, which is supported by GPLIGC (linux), (4) record IGC files using your Symbian/Nokia mobile phone: GSIL.

09 mar 2016: GPLIGC-1.10.1
24 feb 2014: GPLIGC-1.10pre testing versions available
26 feb 2013: new development version available for testing
21 mar 2011: Version 1.9 released
02 jun 2010: gpligc-1.8 in Gentoo sunrise-overlay
01 jun 2010: Version 1.8 released
30 jul 2008: Trackers on sf.net activated http://sourceforge.net/projects/gpligc
20 may 2006: TaskNav uses ogie as 3d-visualisation tool.

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Features. (screenshots here)


No official support for Mac (anymore)
check old packages here
check instructions in the version 1.9 manual. They should be applicable to newer versions
Mac developers / experienced users are welcome to do testing and packaging.

GPLIGC is developed with (and for) Linux, but should work on most Unix systems too. Installation packages are available for Windows and Linux/Unix.
The Windows Version will need Perl to be installed. e.g. Strawberry Perl (which is freely available) to run.

GPLIGC requirements OGIE requirements

Bug reports, feature requests, patch submission, support requests
All this can be done with the Trackers on this page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gpligc

Digital Elevation Models available:
External pages about GPLIGC